Republicans Shutdown Government Over Nonsense

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The government shutdown basically happened because old white men in congress are afraid of the majority, which they ironically label as the minority population, rising towards prosperity. In this case, republicans shutdown government because they are totally against Obamacare, FOR NO REASON! As much as they try to say that it is because the act stands for everything they are against, it is absolutely bogus. Republicans, as known, are in favor of less government intervention when it comes to private businesses and according to them Obamacare acts as a government intervention that takes over private health insurance companies; this however, is false. Obamacare does not take over private health insurance businesses, it actually brings more business to them. The act isn’t to take over, it’s to provide much more affordable healthcare to all those who need it. Obamacare just brings together all private health insurance companies in one platform for Americans to choose which one fits them best. Then republicans stated that Obamacare is coerces people into having health insurance and therefore violates some of their rights, which again is absolutely FALSE. Obamacare does implement mandatory health care but for the benefit of Americans. Every year, tons of Americans die from health issues that could have probably been prevented if diagnosed earlier. However, early diagnosis is only possible by regular doctor visits and regular doctor visits are expensive; therefore, people just wait until the last minute to go to emergency rooms for things that aren’t curable. Some people don’t even go to hospitals at all because they simply can’t afford not even a onetime emergency bill. That’s where Obamacare comes in by providing everyone with affordable healthcare. Although it is clear that Obamacare isn’t even bad to begin with, it isn’t clear to me why republicans decided to shutdown government over something that does not directly affect government itself. Obviously republicans are selfish and vindictive human beings and that’s the only reason they shutdown government, simply because they didn’t like an act and couldn’t get their way. The government shutdown is absolutely ridiculous and if republicans can’t get their junk together by a couple of weeks, the federal default will be real and we are all screwed.  Then of course there are others who beg to differ.


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